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LED Enhancement

BREWSTER™ is the brand of KUPO group. Since 1992, we have the industry-leading micro & nano optical design and technology innovation near 30 years, committed to the research of optical science and applications, continue to maintain technical advantages, in the optical field to provide customers with high-quality products and professional applications.

latest products

  • Diffusions

    BREWSTER Diffusion Panels create a softer glow and reduce glare from LED lights.

  • Intensifier Panel

    BREWSTER Intensifier Panels can be installed on LED panels to help focusing and intensifying light.

  • Beam Sculpting

    BREWSTER Beam Sculpting provide precise angular beam control.

  • Dichroic Filters

    Dichroic filters coated with hard dielectric thin-films that you will see different colors when light passing through it.